The New Mutants has got some new news. In the form of a new trailer and ComicCon@Home panel. This film has had to undergo so many development and release issues. From reshoots, to being placed in film purgatory as a result of the sale of Fox to Disney and general X-Men fatigue. Yet, despite it all it still looks on track to be released.  

The film while rooted in the X-Men canon, takes a different approach. Leaning more heavily into the horror genre. It should be interesting to see the final product.  In connection with promoting the release The New Mutants will have a ComicCon@Home and it looks like a majority of the cast will be in attendance, including Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga and some of our favorite Latina ingenue’s Anya Taylor-Joy and Queen of the South’s Alice Braga.

The  New Mutants ComicCon panel will be held on July 23rd.  In the meantime they have given audiences a new trailer.  Check it out here.

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