August 18, 2022

Today the CW dropped some new visuals and details about their upcoming series Superman & Lois. The new trailer shows Clark and Lois returning to Smallville to start anew. We get a look at their two sons Jonathan and Jordan, Lana Lang and Lois father General Lane.

It’s a better look than previously shown. Prior incarnations like Smallville showed Clark Kent in his formative years, the 90’s version of Lois & Clark had the super couple in their two incomes no kids prime. In this version we find Clark and Lois in full on parent mode. Juggling both children and their parents – welcome to middle age kiddos. Lol.

The CW also revealed the premiere date. A Spring 2021 premiere was previously announced. However, looks like they pushed that up. Superman & Lois is now set to debut on February 23rd and have a two hour premiere. The first 90 minutes are exclusively the first episode. Followed by a 30 minute special.

Until then check out the trailer here.


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