Dustin Poirier defeated Conor McGregor at UFC 264 on Saturday night.  The victory was the second for Poirier in the rubber match of their trilogy.  Ruled a TKO stoppage, it resulted due to an odd twist.  With  McGregor severely injuring his left ankle in the closing seconds of the first round of the bout.   

The evening began with McGregor coming out aggressive and launching a number of kicks to the legs and torso of Dustin Poirier.  None of which seemed to bother or shake the composure of Poireir who began to counter with his own shots.  Eventually the action got to the floor where McGregor attempted several guillotines on Poirier with limited success. The ground and pound game ensued with both fighters scoring punches and elbows. Poirier seemingly getting the better of the exchanges.  At the closing moments of the round McGregor was able to return to his feet and after an exchange in which both fighters missed glancing blows McGregor stepped back and fell to his feet. Replays would show his lower left leg snapping. With The Notorious One unable to continue the judges ruled the bout a TKO by stoppage.

Yet, it seems the greatest action occurred after the bout in post fight interviews with the trash talk continuing by both fighters. Poirier taunting McGregor by imitating his famous walk and calling him a dirtbag and McGregor saying Poirier’s wife is in his DM’s.  More importantly vowing that this is not over! Will there be a Poirier vs. McGregor 4?  Tough to say at this point, but until then peep the post fight interview here.

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