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Episode three opens with another Emma love fest. But this go around it’s of the bacchanal kind. Emma is clearly trying to get over Nico by partying her soul away. She does it by being the middle of a couple sandwich. Post bacchanal sesh Emma accidentally has some therapy related pillow talk with her one-night stands. And so, opens the latest episode of Vida.

Daddy Issues

Over in the park. Lyn and Marcos are getting their work out on to work through their respective issues. When Lyn confesses that she is going to go to see the “My father, guy”. She swears Marcos to silence from Emma. To wit Marcos replies, “Emma is all knowing, I’ll just steer clear from the Medusa look that turns me to stone.”

Back at Vida, Emma and Nico have some super-awkward interaction. When Emma discovers Nico is hitting the sauce. Nico is clearly having a tough time coping with last week’s fallout. When once again enters Lyn. Pitching her mariachi karaoke night. But also offering to comfort Emma in her time of need. After three seasons, it’s good to see the Hernandez sisters in sync.

Lyn pays a visit to her father’s church. Nothing needs to be said or shown. Once Lyn lays eyes on him – and he on her. They both know. Lyn proceeds to pull out a picture of her and Emma as children and it’s a wrap! Lyn and her father – whose name is Victor catch up.

Victor confesses to being a less than ideal husband or father. He also recognizes it was wrong of him to stay away from his children. Lyn clearly relishes the connection.

After the visit to her father’s, Lyn pays a visit to Johnny. Both Lyn and Johnny clearly have had a connection. They also have their own father issues they are facing. Johnny offers perhaps the best advice she could hear “I had long time to get to know my father, and I didn’t do it. I didn’t want to know whim and he didn’t want to know me either. But if you have a chance to know our dad. And he wants to know you too. You should take it.” Enough said.


Over at the local bodega Eddy is just picking up a few things when she has a chance encounter with the man that assaulted her. He does not see her. But she is clearly shook. It leads her back home to the bar at Vida. Nico and Emma can tell she is shaken. So, welcome her with open arms.

Mari witnesses yet another example of government intrusion into the neighborhood as ICE agents mercilessly arrest a man in front of his family. She records the incident and takes the evidence back to Los Vigilantes. She implores them to take immediate action. There’s a scramble on how to react. Mari isn’t having it and demands action.

Mariachi Karaoke

The night has arrived. Eddy sees peeps needing help so tends bar. To wit, Lyn totally welcomes and spills the beans about Emma and Nico and Paco! Eddy had no idea.


Eddy is getting used to the old digs. So is Emma. As Emma steps out for a smoke she sees Nico in a car with Zoe – and they are getting it on. Lyn comes to the rescue. Comforting Emma. It’s a nice moment where Lyn acts as the big sister. The feels are short lived though as Lyn shares with Emma she visited their father. As Emma protests, Lyn continues to show her big sis chops. Telling Emma it was her decision not to see Victor, not a mutual one. Lyn doesn’t want Vidalia’s past mistakes to haunt them both. Lyn tells Emma she still wants them to be good and that she loves her. Emma then has another Vidalia vision. And so ends Episode 19.

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