Beauty, brains, talent and success — almost every man is looking for a woman who has it all. Even if these women might seem like a magical unicorn, ‘LLERO knows that they exist. Maybe SHE is your vecina, the one who got away, or your sister’s home girl. So right here on our site, we’ll be turning the spotlight on the ladies that we all know and love because we know that “SHE” means She Has Everything.

Tiffany Cruz has a positive energy that is contagious. This humble Jersey City native, of Puerto Rican descent, says things like:

“Life works out in a way where you find people who love you,”

casually and consistently during our interview. It’s powerful wisdom and she’s so matter of fact, the magnitude of the statement could almost go unnoticed.

Recently promoted to Vice President of a boutique investment management firm, it might be easy to assume that Cruz grew up with it all. In actuality the New Jersey City University alumni has faced some serious adversity. At 14, shortly after her family moved to Costa Rica, her mom and her stepfather sadly passed away. Young and alone in a different country, Cruz attempted to establish a relationship with her stepfather’s family who lived there, only to be sent on back to New Jersey with nowhere to go. After moving every year since her parents passed, a difficult relationship with her biological father and his family, you can only be in awe of Tiffany, her accomplishments and her outlook on life. She credits church for influencing the woman she has become. She states that church was, “the only thing that gave me solace,” during those tumultuous times.

Cruz, has worked since she was 14, and at 18 began living on her own. As a senior in high school, she was one of five students selected to work for UBS, a well-known banking and financial services company. From there, her career and her fighting spirit have brought her to where she is today: a young executive at an exclusive firm, a homeowner and most important a woman who has not allowed circumstances that could have broken her, to take hold. “It was either sit here and cry in a corner or keep moving; life is too short, you have to take the good with the bad,” she states simply. Bien dicho.

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