Taking the plunge is no easy task, especially when it comes to organizing that perfect group of groomsmen. This month’s new feature film comedy, The Wedding Ringer, starring comedic sensation Kevin Hart actually zeroes in on that dilemma. While Kevin is clearly the movie’s shining star, he’s getting plenty of scenes stolen by Argentine up-and-comer Ignacio Serricchio. “Nacho,” as he affectionately calls himself via social media, is a longtime veteran of film and TV and gave us plenty of great Ringer recollections in this exclusive interview.

Serricchio portrays Edmundo, a flamboyant party planner, who winds up linking a soon-to-be-groom (played by Frozen’s Josh Gad) with the services of Hart. For starters, he explained that there is a lot more to his Edmundo character than meets the eye. “I kind of play two roles in one,” he told us. “That was part of the fun of making the whole movie. I think the audience will enjoy it and be shocked at the same time.” When discussing his inspiration for the role, Ignacio dropped a surprising revelation. “I approached Edmundo by mimicking my mother,” he explained. “I pretty much imitated her the entire time and it totally worked for the character.”

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He also revealed that big laughs were constantly happening behind-the-scenes, especially during moments that involved Kevin. But he made sure to add that the comedy kingpin has a serious side too and takes a very professional approach to his acting. “Kevin is a total pro,” Serricchio said. “He’s a great guy and he likes to have fun, but he also really works hard on set. I think this movie is his best work so far. He’s funny, but he gets to show a vulnerable side too.”

Ignacio told us that he puts a lot of effort into his craft as well. Growing up in Argentina, Mexico and later New York, he was constantly enrolled in theatre classes. Hard work and determination ultimately led him to land pivotal roles in shows like General Hospital and Ghost Whisperer. Serricchio was quick to share his fundamentals of success. “It’s always important to educate yourself about everything you can. If you’re an actor, learn skills beyond acting. Everything is connected. Also, always have a point of view on things and never stop being curious.”

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