Television ruled the roost at this year’s convention and Marvel was at the forefront. Having partnered with Netflix a few years ago it successfully rolled out shows like Dare Devil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. 2017 saw them stumble a bit with Iron Fist as it garnered mixed reviews at best, however, they remain true to their vision of creating The Defenders. This year they showed exactly what that ensemble will look like and it looks good. Peep the preview below.

Besides the Netflix platform Marvel has also relied on traditional television, with fare such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Continuing in that vein will be InHumans. They dropped a second trailer at the convention. The reaction has been mixed. So, guess we will have to wait for the full show before giving it thumbs up or down. In the meantime, check out the preview and judge for yourself.


Speaking of Netflix, they brought the latest preview at the second season of Stranger Things. If you spent even a second of your lifetime in the 80’s this has to wax nostalgia. From the Vincent Price Thriller voice over, to the Ghostbusters costumes, this looks super binge worthy.


To say that Comic-Con is outside of the CBS wheelhouse would be an understatement. Yet, they were present and they are offering something vintage mixed with something new. A new take on Star Trek, however, available only online. Certainly appreciate the acknowledgement of the need to adapt to change. As for the trailer. It looks like a worthy addition to the canon.

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