‘LL: Where do you see Game Time in the next five years?
I see it big! In five years I hope to have a warehouse and be able to organize equipment by all sports and ages. I take about two to three trips to Colombia a year, so being able to travel there more often would be amazing and I want to expand to more cities in Colombia and other countries. I’m starting with sports because it offers kids so many opportunities and but I would love to get into health and nutrition, so now I try to include a toothbrush and toothpaste in the packages. I am the face of Game Time, it’s mostly me so I would love a team including interns and other board members.

‘LL: What have you found to be the biggest challenge working on Game Time?
When you’re really passionate about something it’s hard when some people don’t accept it. Family members have asked why I am doing this, and that I should be focused on my career. But it’s not why, it’s why not! I could do something big with work, but I think I’m doing more. There’s no price you can put on that and I know in the end what I’m doing is bigger than myself.

‘LL: What has been the greatest reward so far?
In the moment, seeing the kids’ faces. I’ve always loved capturing a photo of the moment when the kids receive something and I feel like they’re looking at me. It’s when I spend an hour or two with them taking selfies and they’re amazed! I’m helping the kids but they are helping me grow individually, professionally, personally, everything. “Game Time goes beyond the donations, it’s about giving kids encouragement and the chance of opportunity. I want to show them someone is thinking about them and wants them to play what they love. This has changed me!”

‘LL: What advice would you give young Latino entrepreneurs looking for more out of their work?
If you follow what you are passionate about it will lead you to your purpose. Not everyone is going to agree with your decision or see your vision but when you see your vision you don’t need anyone else’s permission. If you don’t throw yourself into it, you’ll always wonder – what if? Just follow it. You have to believe it so people can believe it too.

‘LL: Okay we gotta be noisy real quick! Are you on the market? *wink wink*
It’s weird cause if I’m on a date I’m thinking I could be doing something better. When I meet someone I want to feel that spark. I follow the life of an athlete so I think I will find someone at a game, or event or through a donation. Everything will fall into place and Game Time will lead me to my love, my partner in crime. I’m very passionate about helping other people and if he falls in love with what I’m doing then he’ll fall in love with who I am. Oh, and he has to be a good dancer!

For a first hand look at the work done by Game Time Foundation peep the video below and be sure to visit GameTimeFoundation.org



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