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Gesture made by Puerto Rico flag chands showing symbol of heart and love during sunrise

The largest and most damaging earthquake in a century hit Puerto Rico on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020. Hundreds of small earthquakes had been shaking the island since Dec. 28. However, the 6.4 magnitude quake from last week hit the Southern coast and knocked out power and water lines, and collapsed bridges and roads. Since then smaller earthquakes and aftershocks have continued to plague the island including a 5.9 quake that hit on Saturday, Jan. 11.  To date the damage to power plants,  potable water and homes is still being determined. The emotional toll this has taken on the people who are still recovering from Hurricane Maria is indescribable.

Below are some organizations that you can donate to in order to alleviate immediate need and provide resources and comfort to those affected by this natural disaster.

World Central Kitchen

Image by World Central Kitchen, Instagram

This direct action non-profit was started by Chef Jose Andres in 2010 to aid Haiti in earthquake relief efforts. Andres and his fellow chefs were on the ground immediately after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017. They have returned to Puerto Rico and have set up kitchens in the hardest hit areas of earthquake including Guancia and Yauco. Visit their website for more information on their work and click here to donate.

Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

Debris clean up in Puerto Rico. Photo by Brigada Solidaria del Oeste, Facebook

This community group was born out of the need to address community’s needs when the government response post-Maria was sub-par or non-existent. Their official mission per their Facebook page is to “visit communities on the west coast of Puerto Rico in order to identify and meet their needs with the support we have been receiving from committed individuals and groups in Puerto Rico and the diaspora (in the US, Europe, Latin America) and other countries.” This collective of people have done are currently helping out with whatever needs exist: from installing port-a-potties, delivering food supplies to community kitchens or helping mobile health clinics set up shop. If you want to contribute to their efforts you can do so via via PayPal to: brigadasolidariaoeste@gmail.com.

Hispanics In Philanthropy

Photo by HIPGive, Instagram

This umbrella group, which supports Latino nonprofits, has started a fundraising campaign to fund eight different organizations on the island. These community partners which include The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico, Foundation for Puerto Rico and Apoyo Mutuo Mariana, have been successfully supporting and helping Puerto Rico recover since Hurricane Maria. Funds raised will purchase supplies that are desperately needed for immediate relief including diapers, sleeping bags, and tents to those in immediate needs. Donate to their efforts here.

Direct Relief

This humanitarian organization provides healthcare services in the form of supplies, donations and mobilization efforts to help people in extreme poverty and affected by disasters. Direct Relief has been working in Puerto Rico since 2017 and have mobilized once again. They have coordinated efforts with the Puerto Rican Department of Health, the Puerto Rican Hospital Association, the Puerto Rican Medical Reserve Corps, and the Puerto Rican Primary Care Association. Aside from raising funds they have sent medial emergency kits with essential supplies like diabetes and blood pressure medications. They are helping to get mental health services to those affected. You can help their efforts by donating here.

Hispanic Federation

Hispanic Federation volunteer at a distribution center in Puerto Rico. Photo by Hispanic Federation, Instagram.

The Latino nonprofit tworks to advance community progress in education, health and economic empowerment. It continues to answer the call for relief efforts on the island. The organization is distributing solar lamps to individuals without power. They are also providing emergency funds to local health and human services providers. The proceeds to be used for supplies who are working directly with affected communities. They are also working to offer trauma therapy with the University of Puerto Rico. You can donate to their efforts here.

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