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‘LL: Do readers see you as some sort of relationship guru now?
Mirtha: Yes, when people meet me they tell me their problems. It’s cute and it’s flattering. Although I will give advice just like you would give advice to your girlfriends, I am simply going through the journey like everyone else. With Letters I learned a lot of the mistakes I made growing into a woman. In Elusive Loves, the reader will find other little gems and lessons.

‘LL: Chisme alert! What does a day off from writing or Hollywood look like for you?
Mirtha: I have an active social life but I’ve really been into spinning, it brings me balance. I love to stay home, eat and watch my favorite shows. I love Scandal, Blacklist, Quantico and CSI. I’m very eclectic, so one day I could be painting and another day I am just writing. Right now I’m listening to Adele, I love her songs and if I was a singer I would write like her.

‘LL: What would men be surprised to know about you?
Mirtha: That I’m an amazing cook! I can throw down almost anything Dominican. I make a really bomb ceviche and my own version of a seafood paella. And I make an amazing flan!

‘LL: What do you look for in a man?
Mirtha: First off he has to have a job! I live in LA and a lot of guys are good looking but they are trying to be actors or models and I know it’s great to pursue your passion, I’ve been an artist my entire adult life. But I am the artist, so I want someone with a real job. I want someone who is as motivated and passionate about what they do as I am. I also would like someone who takes care of himself, physically and spiritually. I even look at a mans’ relationship with his mother—it means he is going to know how to treat a woman.

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