September 17, 2021

Content & Style Guidelines

This page outlines what contributors need to know before submitting content. We are looking for original writing or images that speak to the content on our site – Entertainment, Women, Vida, Fitness & Health, Culture & Politics and Power & Career. So before you submit, take a look at and comply with our Do’s & Don’ts listed below.


• Familiarize yourself with what we like to publish by spending time on the site before submitting
• Be original
• Cite your sources
• Know your rights – Read our full Contributor Agreement
• Be engaging and different
• Be relevant and informative
• Above all – be yourself


• Submit on topics or story angles we’ve already published. Not sure if your idea has been done before? Use the “SEARCH” function in the Navigation Bar of the website to review existing content
• Copy and paste already published content
• Use profanity or foul language in the content
• Use anything pornographic
• Use anything obscene, defamatory or abusive

Story Guidelines

• Title: Your title should reflect the subject matter of your content.
• Articles: Write and upload an original draft (min 500 words / max 1500 words). Check spelling, punctuation, grammar and facts. Submissions sent with numerous errors will not be considered for publication.
• Images: Please do not embed images in your draft document; simply indicate that images are available upon request. If submitting a photo essay or other image-based piece, submit images per guidelines below.
• Sources: The sources of information should be identified as specifically as possible.
• Social Media: Is your story shareable on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
• Promote, Promote, Promote – Everyone has at least one social media account. Once your content is up promote it to all of your family and friends!!

Image Guidelines

‘LLERO allows contributors to upload images that are relevant to the submitted articles. Please note, any irrelevant images will be deleted. It is the contributor’s responsibility to ensure that the images provided have the necessary rights required for publication by ‘LLERO.  You may use images that you created.

Please follow these rules when submitting images:
• Format: .jpg or .png only
• Resolution: High-quality Resolution/Pixelation
• Size: Minimum (1500 width x 700 height)
• Sources: The sources of any image should be identified as specifically as possible. Please give credit to copyrighted images. If you have any issues with images, the editor can assist you.

We have the right to decline your submission if it does not follow all the guidelines. Please contact us if you’re unclear about our guidelines.

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