I talked to some real women and here’s what they had to say about what turns them on. Fasten your seatbelt guys.

Three’s Company

My boyfriend is one lucky bastard. I’m bi-sexual, so we have threesomes. He enjoys that I’m very open in the bedroom. Plus, I truly enjoy anal, even if I do need a drink to loosen up! He doesn’t judge me or make me feel insecure. He he genuinely loves it when I take the initiative. I think that’s why I can be so open with him, Be cause I trust him wholeheartedly. – Jacqui, 40, New York

Talk Dirty to Me

I’m a very sexual and passionate person. Intimacy for me includes looking into each other’s eyes, kissing, caressing and lots of dirty talk. Behind doors I take my sweet time with my lover. I’m like energizer fuck bunny. -Marie, Miami, 28

Toy Time

I personally think that Latina women are some of the sexiest women in the world, they ooze sex. As a Latina woman, I really like to spice things up in the bedroom, I love to incorporate toys when I’m getting intimate with someone. I also really enjoy getting spanked! – Nikki, 25, Los Angeles

Beyond The Bedroom

Perhaps you can call me an adrenaline junkie but the best sexual encounters for me have been on the go. Behind churches, the laundry rooms of my boyfriend’s apartment complex… I even once did it on the balcony of a friend’s house! The thrill of getting caught makes sex even hotter. – Dina, 32, Los Angeles

Rough and Tumble

Now, as far as the actual act of sex well, grounding and pounding best from behind and no problem with the bum bum. All holes and positions are game as long as he knows how to use it.
One way to turn me off is to treat and handle me as if I were a porcelain doll. The rougher the better. Being dominated is preferred. – Marie, 28, Houston



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