If you’re like most men, your first experience with a tie probably consisted of your pop wrapping one around his thigh, prepping the knot, then sticking it around your neck and voila! You were ready to go! Or worse yet, your mother brought you one of those clip-ons from the 99 cent store. It probably went well with that 70’s or 80’s plaid jacket she got you. Like Vince Vaughn said in Swingers, “You’re all grownz up now” so it time for you to not only fix a tie correctly but be familiar with a tie knot or two.

Four-In Hand Knot

The Four-In-Hand is the standard of tie knots. It is the most used, likely because of its simplicity and because it goes well with virtually every type of shirt collar. To prepare, turn up the collar of your shirt, button the top button, then put the tie around your neck. Medium height men should position the narrow end of the tie at waist level. Tall men should position the narrow end a little above the waist.

Step 1: Just below the collar, lay the wide end over the narrow end.
Step 2: Take the wide end behind the narrow end.
Step 3: Bring the wide end across the layover.
Step 4: Holding a finger in the loop, bring the wide end up, then down through the loop.
Step 5: Holding the narrow end, pull the knot gently up to the top shirt button.
When the knot is finished, the narrow end must be concealed and the wide end should be level with your belt.

FYI: This style is perfect for men of medium height, tall men, or those with wide, Evander Holyfield-like necks. As for fabric, be careful, this knot is narrow when tied with a lightweight fabric and wider when used with thick material.

Four in Hand tie knot- A

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