Whenever I think of bad breakups, I think of the Sex and the City episode where Burger broke up with Carrie over a post-it. “A post-it?!” She yelled in shock. It’s like he was her co-worker and sent her a memo that their relationship was over.

I can feel her pain. A man has never broken up with me with office supplies, but I’ve been broken up with without my knowledge. How is that possible? When a man stops calling, returning your texts and calls, and never shows up at your door again, it’s pretty safe to assume you’ve been “ghosted” aka – the relationship is over.

So, is it possible to end a relationship with a woman without backlash? ‘LLEROS, there is always a way. Here is how to break up with a woman like a “man”:

Don’t Use Cliches

No woman wants to hear, “It’s not you, it’s me,” even if that is the case. We’ve all heard it before! Besides, it makes us feel like you’re copping out. Elisa Molino from Chicago, Illinois may have heard the worst of them.

“A man broke up with me and said, ‘Relationships are like seasons.’” Her reaction was par for the course. “I took his wallet because he was supposed to fly the next day,” she admitted. She also burned his t-shirt.

Stay Away from Words of Reconciliation

One of my exes ended our relationship by saying, “I eventually want to get back together with you.” I believed him and waited because his words gave me hope. Words of reconciliation just lead women on. And then we really hate you.

Accept Responsibility

It takes two to tango in a relationship, and she’ll hate you less if you admit to your mistakes. But some men feel better when blaming women. Erika Prahl from Cleveland, Ohio experienced this lack of accountability firsthand.

“He said, ‘You dating me is like becoming a principal of a school having never taught a class,’” she recalled. Translation: you’re not ready for all of this. Um, okay!

Another woman admitted her ex blamed her for their breakup as well. “He said, ‘You’re graduating so I know you want this and I know you feel like I am holding you back.’” Anali Martinez from Austin, Texas said of her last breakup.

Tell Her It’s Over…in Person

If you disregard all of the above, at the very least follow this piece of advice. Your girl and soon-to-be ex deserves the respect of a face-to-face breakup. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that courtesy. Joan Garcia of Salt Lake City, Utah was dumped by her boyfriend of six months. “I called to ask what was for dinner,” she said. “He said he couldn’t do it anymore.” She was stunned, and with reason. “We were living together and I thought he was the one,” Garcia finished.

So, be kind to your soon-to-be ex. At some point, she was someone you cared about. Keep these points in mind. It’s either you break up with her the right way, or say goodbye to your favorite shirt.



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