November 27, 2022

The response to GivKwik has been phenomenal so far. In two years, the GivKwik app has gone from an idea developed during after work hours to getting several rounds of seed funding and an offer to work out of a business accelerator program in Silicon Valley. After tweaking their marketing strategy and signing their first revenue-generating deal, the team is set to release an updated version of Givkwik focused on connecting consumers who like to give to nonprofits needing money and businesses that need help marketing.

For Rosado, every aspect of building a company is a rewarding opportunity to grow and do some good. “Going from vision to execution and validation is an ongoing process, especially when you’re trying to introduce new better, cheaper and faster ways to give,” he reflected. “Learning every day and putting yourself out there to push your product and your company is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.” He advises people who are looking to build an app and/or start a business to spend the time thinking it through, starting from the basic concept. “Lots of people focus first on what an app could help you do, but not how it achieves that, from the inside out,” Rosado said. “It’s hard and persistent work and if you’re not willing or able to be patient and relentless at the same, then it’s not for you.”

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