January 19, 2022

Rodriguez co-founded the Texas Latino Comic Con alongside David Doub as way to provide a platform for Latino artists and to expose the public to more Latino talent, artwork and stories. The event will feature talent like Hector Cantú, writer of the first Latino family syndicated comic strip, Baldo, Eliamaria M. Crawford, an up-and-coming Chicana artist, Sam de la Rosa, a Chicano who’s worked with Marvel and DC Comics, as well as many other talents. The show will also feature film screenings for other Latino superhero-themed films, and will host a Latino superhero cosplay contest, as well as debut an Argentinian comic book titled Artemis.

And, get this: the one-day event will be free of charge to the public!

“I want [the Texas Latino Comic Con] to be accessible to the community, to everybody, all-inclusive. My students have always had a hard time going to comic book shows. That’s why it’s free, because of accessibility for everybody.” Rodriguez said.

As Rodriguez continues the battle at the forefront one comic book issue at a time, he does so while dropping valuable advice to those who may be thinking of one day following in his footsteps. “Be consistent. Develop a good work ethic, and never give up. You fail three times, get up. You fail eight, get up again. At the end of the day, if your story is making somebody else happy, even if it’s your abuelita, your brother, mom or dad, you’re making somebody happy—so, keep on doing it!”

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