November 30, 2020

It’s All About Visibility

If you’re not online you can’t be found. Increase your chances of employment by posting your resume to websites like LinkedIn so that employers or recruiters can easily share your resume with decision-makers in that medium. LinkedIn can also help you get to know your audience — read their profiles, learn about their companies — so you can effectively target your resume. When applying online through a company’s website, save your resume to their database for future opportunities. Also, niche job websites where the traffic is highly targeted can be very useful. For instance, websites like Mediabistro are better for media professionals rather than a general one like Forgo places like Craigslist which is a better site to buy super cheap chia pets rather than to find a worthwhile job.

Invest To Stand Out

You can use online resume service sites like VisualCV and Razume. But I’d suggest investing money in a proven writer, a web developer or an awesome video editor that can help you stand out. It pays to not to use an online template or to have strangers (whose credibility could be zilch) critique your work.

One Resume Per Person

Beware of version control! Avoid having different resumes floating around the web. If a recruiter stumbles upon one resume that says you want to go into media planning and then another where your goal is to work at an ad agency than your credibility will be lost. Have one core resume and potentially change up the skills or accomplishments that you highlight depending on the audience.

The Basics Remain the Same

The content of either a hardcopy or online resume should still center on what a candidate can offer a potential employer. Emphasize your skills beginning with a summary statement and continue with bullets that highlight major projects within each role you’ve assumed in past and present jobs along with proof of your involvement. For example, you led X and as a result of you doing Y you landed Z in incremental revenue.

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