Season Four of Orange Is the New Black

‘LL: Can you tell me what’s in store for Maritza in the upcoming season of OITNB?
I’m so excited for you guys to see! I think you’re going to see a lot more of Maritza and what’s going on in the present. I think that you’re going to see a lot of new people and you’re going to see how the original gangsters handle the new blood, if you will. So, I think that it’s a really, really exciting season. As far as my character, I think you’re going to get into little more of her world and see what she’s about.

‘LL: Any specific storylines or topical situations that are going on currently in real life that they will touch on?
We’re going to see a lot of the problems that prisons do face explored. One is overcrowding and lack of resources. So, I think we’re touching upon that and that’s the main theme. I think that you’re going to see a lot of what’s going on in society right now reflected in this season which I think is so wonderful.

‘LL: What do you enjoy most about playing Maritza?
I hear a lot of people who are like, ‘Oh, that’s such a stereotypical character,’ but I don’t find that at all. I feel like what Orange does, which is amazing, is that it will show you a “stereotype” and then it breaks it down. What’s so lovely about seeing these stories from prison is that you think, sometimes as a society we do it – like it or not, where we see a person that’s been to jail or goes to jail and [we] automatically categorize them as a criminal, we don’t see anything else. I think that with this show it shows you, “hey” this person made a mistake but look at all the other things this person is interested in, look at everything that this person has on their plate. I’m just learning to like who Maritza is – she is from the streets. She is a girl who maybe didn’t have the of best luck and who didn’t have the best set of cards, but I think you’ll see how she deals with that and what she had to do to survive. I like playing that and I like the audience learning as we all learn along the way, that there is more to a person than you think.

‘LL: Where would you like to see your character go in the series?
I’d like to see her do some good things. I’d like to see her do some positive things for the prison. That’s where my whole tip is right now – civic duty, civic engagement and just overall trying to live with purpose. So, I’d like to see that come from her. You wouldn’t think it because you normally think she’s dumb or more of a silly character but I’d like see her take some initiative and be a leader. We’ll see, hopefully, in Season Five.

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