February 5, 2023

‘LL: Where do you see yourself in the future?
Ronaldo: First – I want to have a TV show. Second, I want to grow my voice within the Latino community about our foods and our ways of healthy eating. Third I want to create my dream restaurant.

‘LL: What’s your recipe for success?
Ronaldo: Ingredient 1: Love—you have to have love for this or whatever you do. Ingredient 2: Passion—for thriving, for the food, the people, your team. Ingredient 3: the equipment—have the proper support system around you whether that’s your wife, your kids, your parents, your staff. Underlying that, be relentless; be obsessed. It keeps you focused.

‘LL: What inspires you to do all of this?
Ronaldo: I’m a husband and a father. I have two kids — 4 yr old Liam Logan, newborn Zane Caleb. They always make you look at life as a journey. You look to do more, but to do it with less hours put in. You need that challenge.

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Besides putting pen to paper for ‘LLERO Jessica is a co-founder. She is a seasoned writer, editor and journalist who has successfully peddled her words across media platforms from Urban Latino, Latina and Cosmo Latina, since picking up her professional pen in 1999.

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