It all starts now – The World Cup arrives and the world gets one time zone with Rio De Janeiro at the center of the futbol universe. So isn’t it only fitting that the Brasilian National Football Team gets a little extra shine? To capture the heart and soul of the Brasilian National Football Team, Nike invited renowned photographer Platon to photograph the Confederations Cup champions.


In case you didn’t know, this ain’t no TMZ photographer. European photog Platon is world-renowned and has photographed some the world’s most influential and prominent figures, including presidents, actors and innovators. To celebrate Brasilian football, culture and style Platon captured several iconic Brasilians wearing the new Brasil National Team home jersey. Among his subjects were some of Brasil’s leading players including Neymar, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Paulinho and Bernard.

Brasil National team -Bernard

When asked about the shoot, the jersey and his subjects Platon stated “the shirt in real-life is closer to yellow, Brasil’s football is pure gold, I shot the players in a way that brought out a more golden color reminding everyone of the power and success of this team.”

We couldn’t have put it any better. Scroll on through to check out the flicks.

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