September 17, 2021

3. Lots of Folks – Including Millennials – Are Still Feeling the Bern

Being the first mainstream party to nominate a woman for President is historic and makes everyone proud. But, as supporters of Bernie Sanders made it clear, not everyone in Philadelphia agreed that Hillary Clinton should be that woman. Feelings of their candidate being cheated out of the nomination were only made stronger when publicized emails from the DNC confirmed the animosity that party leaders had for Senator Sanders and his supporters. While the Sanders campaign’s relationship with communities of color was often criticized during the primary process, delegates for the Vermont Senator were diverse and very eager to speak to the media on their hopes for something better, even as they worked against Donald Trump’s election.
“A lot of voters, a lot of young voters, are disillusioned and disempowered and we don’t need that right now,” said immigration activist and Sanders campaign spokesperson and delegate Erick Andiola. “I really hope that this is a chance for the party to really get better. To really open their arms and welcome a new generation of voters, who right now are a lot more aware of what’s going on. And we need that to be able to defeat Donald Trump.”

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Elbert Garcia is a Dominican-American writer and communications strategist based in Miami. He is dedicated to organizing stories for change. Born and raised in Washington Heights, Garcia has spent the the last two decades in education, government and the media helping to shape messages and voices for public impact.

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