Araña (Later changed to Spider-Girl)
Real Name: Anya Sofia Corazon
Universe: Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)
First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #1 (August, 2004)

Another Latina who’s kicking hides across the Marvel Universe is Anya Sofia Corazon, also known as Araña, but eventually opting for the alias Spider-Girl. Born in Mexico, her father moved her to Brooklyn, N.Y. after Anya’s mother was murdered while her father—who was a reporter—was investigating the mysterious disappearance of children in their town. It was in Brooklyn where Anya would acquire her spider-like powers, but not by being bitten by a chemically enhanced arachnid. No, Anya’s spider powers are strictly mystical. Caught up in between a battle between mystical clans the Spider Society and the Sisterhood of the Wasp, Anya was fatally wounded. The Spider Society’s magician, Miguel Legar, was able to save Anya’s life by performing a ritual, which gave her a spider-shaped tattoo and endowed her with her spider-like powers.

Arana (Anya Corazon)

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