August 19, 2022

A rematch six years in the making. Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor faced off  at UFC 257. In their initial match McGregor made easy work of Poirier.  Last night the exact opposite occurred with Dustin Poirier finishing McGregor via a second round TKO.

The opening round was your typical respect round. Each fighter exhibiting flashes of brilliance. McGregor landing a left elbow and series of accurate right hands. Demonstrating his superior stand up game. Yet, Poirier also had his moments and more importantly a plan.  Dustin Poirier scored a takedown and a number of kicks to McGregor’s calves. The latter taking McGregor’s mobility away from him.

By the second round the calf kicks had clearly effected McGregor. This is when Poirier moved in with his own stand up game. Landing a left that shook McGregor and following up with a non-stop flurry that put McGregor down.

With both men claiming a “W” in their rivalry can a rubber match be in their future? This is the UFC so anything is possible. Until then, check out the highlights here.


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