It Gave Nuyoricans a Voice

The start of the Nuyorican literary movement began with the café’s founding. The genre’s pioneering poets including Pedro Pietri, Piri Thomas and Sandra Maria Estevez got their start performing at the Nuyorican. Affirming the idea that Puerto Ricans born and/or raised stateside have an identity that blends their languages and cultures. The Nuyorican offered this opportunity to a new generation of Puerto Rican writers, such as Willie Perdomo and Caridad “La Bruja” De La Luz, who were looking to articulate their experience and continues to do so today.

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About The Author

Jessica Rodriguez

Besides putting pen to paper for ‘LLERO Jessica is a co-founder. She is a seasoned writer, editor and journalist who has successfully peddled her words across media platforms from Urban Latino, Latina and Cosmo Latina, since picking up her professional pen in 1999.

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