September 22, 2021

The season finale of Power opens with Tariq being questioned by the police about what he may have seen in the aftermath of Raina’s death. Although he keeps his lips sealed, the police reveal that prints for a size 10.5 boot were found on the scene. Tommy still not in the loop about Raina is about to meet the Teresi family, when Kanan rolls up with the goons who jumped him dead in his trunk and wanting answers. Tommy and Kanan quickly put together that Dre was behind it. With no information coming from Tariq, Ghost thinks the Jimenez brothers are behind Raina’s death and vows not to stop until her killer is killed. When Ghost and Tasha return home, family and friends are there to console them, but Ghost is in work mode and suits up to settle the score.

Over at the prosecution’s office Angela’s first day as Head of Criminal begins, she’s all business too, until SAC Saxe drops in with the news of Raina. Angela’s shook, but she keeps it together despite Saxe egging her on. Angela’s next stop is to see Ghost, she offers help and advice – don’t seek revenge. Too late for that! Ghost links up with Tommy and the hunt is on. Angela’s on the hunt herself. She unknowingly tracks down Ray-Ray, but he talks his way out of it.

Ghost and Tommy pay a visit to Cristobal’s crew and wrecccck the place up. After racking up a serious kill count, they find out that the Jimenez brothers were not behind Raina – as a rule they do not kill children, but Uriel does fess up to being behind Julio’s murder. Yet, before they can learn more Ghost clips Uriel in a fit of rage. For once, its Tommy that’s upset about a killing, urging Ghost to keep a cooler head. First time for everything!

Tommy heads to meet one of his dealers, Father Callahan, but for a confession and not business in what is one of the most hilarious exchanges of the episode, Tommy inadvertently lets the Father know about Julio, but during confession gets a call from Kanan, who lets him up on a lead to Raina’s killer. Tommy goes guns blazing to Ray-Ray’s who is not there, but he leans on his cousin for the all the information he needs. Tommy gives Tasha a heads up while he and Ghost handle Ray-Ray, telling her “Tasha, figure out some alibis. We gonna need ’em.” Tasha wants revenge for Raina: “F—ing gut him, Tommy.” Tommy also tells Tasha to keep an eye on Tariq, but he has already slipped out of the apartment with her gun to get his own justice. Tariq heads over to Truth and catches up with Dre at gunpoint no less and gets the details on where Ray-Ray will be.

In a panic Tasha goes to Angela for help. She clones Tariq’s cell phone and they figure out he is Washington Heights where Ray-Ray is set to be, before Tasha leaves she warns Tasha, if Ghost kills Ray-Ray aka Detective Stone – he will get the death penalty. Tariq tracks down Ray-Ray, with Ghost, Tommy and Tasha in hot pursuit, but not before Tariq confronts Ray-Ray and takes him out. Ghost, Tommy and Tasha immediately go into cleaner mode to cover up for Tariq. Tasha burns his clothes and gives him precision like instruction on how to clean up. While Ghost and Tommy take care of the body.

Angela reports to the scene of the murder and it doesn’t take her long to catch a lead. A bullet lodged in the wall. You just know a match to the bullet will be made and Tasha’s gun will be implicated. Tasha knows too, because we then cut to her visiting Terry Silver, she knows what’s to come and asks for him to take her case.

Dre meets up with Father Callahan, who unknowingly drops that Tommy knows he was behind Julio’s murder. Not good for the padre, because Dre takes Father Callahan out. He goes on to meet with his dealers and introduces the Jimenez brothers as the new connect. But not before having to smooth out the matter of Uriel’s death. Dre assures the Jimenez that none of his guys had anything to do with it. All the while Ghost, Tommy and — wait, wait for it – yup, Kanan are together waiting for Dre. No move to be made at this time, but it looks like Dre’s days are numbered. But he will live until next season.

Episode Highlights:

Kanan gets the best lines this week.

When Kanan see’s Ghost Calling Tommy:
Y’all still beefing? You might want to get a marriage counselor or something.

Kanan instructing his soldiers to clean his car:
I want that shit to be spotless, so I can f*&k ya momma on it.

Tommy during confession to Father Callahan:
Tommy: Father, when I catch him alone, I’m going to break that 6th commandment.
Father: Tommy, I can’t give you absolution in advance.

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