February 1, 2023

Tony Romo, Quarterback – Dallas Cowboys
What’s it like to play the most elite position on “America’s Team?” For Romo, a second generation Mexican-American, it’s a pressure-filled opportunity he seized in 2006 after replacing then starting QB Drew Bledsoe due to injury. Since then, Romo has become one of the NFL’s highest rated passers during the regular season and is seeking to bring the Cowboys back to the prominence they achieved under Hall of Fame QB’s Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach, both responsible for the franchise’s five Super Bowl championships. After being sidelined during the 2010 season thanks to a broken clavicle and a disappointing 2011 campaign where the Cowboys failed to make the postseason, the 32-year old Romo will need to play much bigger than his 6′-2″, 230-pound frame in order to quiet the legion of skeptics and growing fan base desperate for a shot at another world championship. As if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget who Tony’s boss is and the $1.3 billion stadium investment from which big returns are expected.

Willie Colón, Left Guard – Pittsburgh Steelers
If you thought Willie Colón was only known for his contributions to Salsa music, you’re right. The other Colón stands at an imposing 6′-3″, a menacing 315 pounds and is the starting LG for one of the NFL’s most storied franchises. Now entering his seventh season, the Bronx-born Boricua Colón carries the responsibility of keeping one of the league’s premier quarterbacks – Ben Roethlisberger – upright and opening inside lanes against opposing linemen to fuel the Steelers’ running attack. Sidelined by injuries the last two years, this will mark Colón’s first season at LG, a change he’s excited about given his athletic ability and quick feet. Make no mistake, like the celebrated salsero, Colón will “suit up” on Sundays except he’s not heading to the legendary Copacabana.

NFL 2011: Steelers Training Camp AUG 16

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