The penultimate episode the second season of Mayan’s M.C.  opens with the fallout from the Vatos ambush of the Mayans. Coco is ok, but his eyesight is now in question and he’s looking more like Captain Jack Sparrow. Riz however, is unconscious and in critical condition. The big question? What’s the next course of action for the club?  A vote at the table of course.  Over at the Galindo’s Miguel awakens to an empty bed, with Emily chain smoking by the pool. Miguel’s suspicions only grow louder. He chats with his security detail. Miguel utters “lies buy lies,” his detail responds, “truth also buys truth.” So, opens “Itzam-Ye”.

A Seat at the Table

Bishop brings the issue of “vengeance” vs. “business ” to the charter. The heads of, remind him of the business consequences of retaliation, million dollars of revenue lost. In his heart he knows what he wants to do. Yet, his business head says otherwise. When CoCo gets a whiff of this he loses it and tells Bishop straight up. “That’s what happened [at the table] CEO’s deciding what’s best for Mayans Incorporated.” However, the matter has not yet been decided but will come up to a formal club vote.

At another table, that of the Reyes family, Felipe has a heart to heart with EZ and Angel. He shares more of his backstory. He and the Galindos were raised in the same town. Felipe’s mom took in a Galindo bastard child, sparing the Galindo family from embarrassment. Later on, in return Jose Galindo saved Felipe’s career as a federale. And as Felipe said, “that’s when things got complicated.”  EZ and Angel confess their own knowledge, but also the missing pieces. Felipe asks they bring their intel to the house tonight. He promises the puzzle will be solved.

In a “truth buys truth” moment, Miguel reveals to Emily the information he has on Potter and his love child. It’s the result of Potter sleeping with a witness. A revelation that would kill his career. Emily asks why the reveal? Miguel shares he wants no more secrets between them. No more lies. In return Miguel wants to know about EZ, Felipe, Dita and the dead clerk. Emily holds her ground and calls Miguel on what she calls “the no more secrets line of BS”. Not to be deterred Miguel assigns Alvarez to press the Reyes family for intel.

Cards on the Table

Bishop conferences with Alvarez on the Vatos. It seems Chibs has weighed in the Vatos move and understands the need to strike back, but business is business. Right before the formal vote, Bishop implores the club – “vote your heart, but don’t ignore your head.” It’s 3-2 vengeance, until Bishop votes – he votes “no vengeance”.  CoCo loses again and leaves.

Over at the hospital RIz is still in a coma, Creeper is by his bedside and queries how come Taza never mentioned he was part of the Vatos. Taza, comes clean, tells them Bishop knew, also that he was young and got into it with Vatos leadership. Creeper is not too convinced.

At the hospital Taza is looking over Riz when word of the vote comes in. The club will stand down. Stricken with grief, as Taza stands over Riz, he tells him “I love you brother”, and then cuts off his oxygen supply killing him. Whaaaaaat TF. OK Taza is officially suspect. RIP RIZ. Word then comes down to the MC of Riz.  Bishop tells the club the vote is null and void – “we are going to war”.

The Puzzle Is Solved

Dita and Emily presumably go for a shopping excursion which leads straight to Felipe’s truck. He wants to talk. Felipe brings Emily to EZ and Angel who downloads everything she has found. In the end EZ asks Felipe – why would Galindo want you and mom dead? Felipe comes clean – there’s a lot of that from Felipe lately, this guy really needs to do like 1,000 Our Father prayers.

As we know, Felipe had an affair with Dita. It occurred after Dita’s first son died. He ended it before he met EZ and Angel’s mother.  As he could not risk her husband Jose Galindo finding out. So, they fled to the U.S. Why seek vengeance 20 years later asks EZ? The collective conclusion – Miguel Galindo found out. So, what happens now?

Emily knows it ain’t good. As if things could not get more effed’ up. Potter calls coming – at just the right time of course. He wants to know if EZ and Angel will play ball. Emily makes a proposal, I help you with Potter, you leave Miguel alone.

As EZ drops Emily off, he sees Dita, he gets one of those EZ flashbacks.  It’s of Dita spying Felipe at a carnival kissing their mother. EZ puts it together. Dita ordered the hit. It’s why it was handled on the US side of the border, with her accounts and her money.  If Miguel or his family would have handled such a thing, they’d all be dead by now. Felipe realizes its true. It’s gut wrenching moment for father and son.

Next week is the season finale. What will happen to the MC when it goes to war with the Vatos? Will Taza be found out? What about Casa Galindo? Will Dita or Miguel go down? Let’s not forget about Adelita and Mr. Potter. Lots of questions remain. Stay tuned for the season finale next week peeps.

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