January 27, 2021

Part of Iglesias’s charm is his unique approach to storytelling. As he explains it, most of his standup material is based on real life experiences. “Comedy is essentially stories,” Iglesias said when describing his craft. “It’s stuff that happens to you. I embellish it, I bring it to life. These stories are all true, but I put my own spin behind it. That’s what makes it funny.”

But one thing that he is very serious about is breaking out of the “Latino comic” mold. Though Iglesias is very proud of his Mexican-American heritage, he hates being labeled. “I’ve always had an issue with people calling me a Latino comic,” he said. “It’s not that I’m not respecting my roots, it’s just when people say Latino comic, they’re pigeonholing you. It makes it sound like you can only perform for Latinos. My goal is to be a comic who can perform worldwide…who happens to be Latino.”

Well the good news for Iglesias is that he’s achieved that goal and then some. Be sure to check out Aloha Fluffy specials on Comedy Central, April 7th and April 14th. You can follow all of Iglesias’ online happenings at his official website, fluffyguy.com.

Photos courtesy of Gabirel Iglesias



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