August 19, 2022

For the Lush…

Bootleg Rum Making Kits
Remember those days where your abuelo played bootlegger and made his own stash of mamajuana by adding nuts, berries other herbs to his rum then burying it in the yard? You can’t deny some strong shit came out of the ground when it was done. Well, you can play bootlegger now too, without the shovel. The Thousand Oaks Barrel Company now lets you make your favorite spirits like a pro. The Swish Barrel Bootleg Kit™ comes with a handmade white oak barrel that includes spigot, bung, stand and essences. Aspiring spirit makers can concoct Caribbean, Coconut or Jamaican Rum with this kit. You know what they say fellas, winter is coming, and this is perfect for keeping you warm.

Photo Property of Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.

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