Pre-game plan

“When you are out try to have a pre-determined place that you will go to,” suggests SanPedro. “Look up places by the club that are open 24 hours or that will be open when you get out that have healthy goodies, like a Subway. Also, have a friend designated to be in charge of ordering for you. I have even known people to go as far as taking rolled up turkey slices with them or bring sandwiches in the car in a Ziploc for after.” Before you head out for the night, you can also make some healthy, good-tasting options you’ll want to eat when you get home, such as ground turkey tacos, protein pancakes or sweet potato fries.

Before the bar

Skip eating before heading out and, before you know it, 4 a.m. rolls around and your stomach is growling “yo quiero Taco Bell.” Your best bet for a night out is something with protein, fiber-rich whole grains and healthy fat, like rice and beans, chicken stir-fry or burrito bowl; this will help keep you feeling full and maintain blood sugar stable.

At the bar

Of the popular bar snacks – wings, sliders, nuts – go for a handful of nuts. Olives are also a good bet. Plus, salty foods will make you thirsty and get you to drink more water, always a good thing to do to help prevent a nasty hangover.

After the bar

Don’t let the Jack trick you into having a Big Mac Attack. You’ll want to stay away from high-fat and fried foods—surefire bet for heartburn and sleepless night. You’re better off with getting a grilled chicken sandwich from the drive thru. If you end up at a pizza place, get a slice of veggie and, if you’re prone to acid reflux, ask for white (as in without marinara sauce). If you prepared food at home ahead of time, then you’re set. Or, make yourself a PBJ sandwich or pop a bag of oil-free microwave popcorn. You also can’t go wrong with oatmeal or cereal, carb-rich and easy to digest. A bowl of leftover rice is also always a safe bet, too.

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