August 18, 2022



El Gran Combo

Few bands can mark their success by decades. Singing about telephones, timbaleros, New York summers and brujeria has worked out well for the shining stars of the Caribbean, El Gran Combo. In 2012 they celebrate 50 years in music having made over 60 albums and ...

Culture Clash – Latino rivalries

Contrary to what some people believe, Latinos are probably the most ethnically diverse group of people in the world. That diversity, unfortunately, comes with its fair share of inter-Latino rivalry and competition. Country of origin rivalries are perhaps the m...

El Gran Campeon – Julio Cesar Chavez

Before Manny Pacquiao laid claim to the title of the “pound-for-pound” best boxer in the world, a pugilist from a previous generation would earn that title on the way to becoming not just a legend in the sport of boxing, but arguably the greatest Mexica...

Cigars of Latin America

With spring on the horizon it means nights out on rooftop bars, enjoying a day at the ball park or an outdoor drink after-work. It also means the chances of someone pulling out a smoke/stogie go way up. Now it’s normal to "name drop" what you’re smoking, in ci...

Field Guide to Latin American Coffee

How do you take your coffee? Maybe you equate your tastes in cafe to your preferences in women: light and sweet like that leggy blonde at the office; dark and bold like the mysterious brunette at the bar. Whatever your cafe preferences, we’ve done some homewor...
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