Canelo Alvarez hosted an international conference call for his upcoming unification bout against Daniel Jacobs on Cinco de Mayo weekend in Las Vegas. Canelo touched on a number of matters, from representing his country on this weekend of cultural pride, a third bout with Triple G, lessons learned since Floyd Mayweather and the man who will be in front of him on May 4th – Daniel Jacobs.

On a Third Fight with Golovkin…


“First things first. We have a tough, difficult fight ahead of us. As a team, we have a goal. The objective of this year so to win all the belts. If Golovkin has a belt, then yes. Why not? We’ve given the fans two beautiful, great fights. Why not a third?”

On Jacobs vs. Golovkin…


“I’ve seen the fight. Not only this fight, we watch other fights to see if there is a variety, a change in different styles, how he adapts to different opponents. Based on that, we work on our strategy and prepare for what’s coming on fight night, whatever he can bring and the changes he might make…the fight was close. Could have been to anyone. For me personally, boxing is an appreciation. For me, Jacobs won the fight.”

On the Jacobs Fight…


“It’s going to be a very difficult fight, especially in the first few rounds. Until the moment that I start adapting and imposing my style it will be a difficult fight because of his style. He’s an opponent that is very complete. He knows how to obviously change guards from south paw to orthodox. He knows how to move in the ring. Very difficult.”

On Fighting on Cinco de Mayo…


“Yes, obviously fighting on these important dates for my country, you know, May and September are very important for me. They motivate me. That are like all my fights. I love boxing and what I do, and that motivates me in all my fights.”

On His Most Valuable Lesson Since Fighting Mayweather…


“I’ve had many fights I’ve learned. Every fight. At different levels you learn something that, and that is where I am today because of all those fights. The experience I have today is because of fights in the past. But it’s not only those fights. It’s the ones from here on out. In boxing you never stop learning. I continue to learn, and I continue to put it into practice.”

On the Triple G Controversy Effecting His Legacy…


“It’s normal. Look, today we still talk about Leonard and Duran and Hagler and Leonard. They’re great fights. People are going to always talk about them.

Right now, my objective is May 4th. That’s where my focus is. If a third fight happens, it’ll be better than the first two. Right now, my concentration and focus is on May 4th.”

As usual it appears Canelo Alvarez focus is in the right place, which is good. Because Daniel Jacobs is unlike any opponent he’s ever faced.

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