November 29, 2020

66 Bleeker St, NYC 10012

World of Niché opened in New York earlier this year, but there’s no public knowledge of who’s behind the whole thing. There’s no social media presence and an incredibly strict no photos policy – actually, there’s a lot of policies to deal with, but the experience sounds like something out of a Bond movie.

Here’s how it goes down: there’s a strict appointment-only, one-at-a-time shopper policy. You have to remove your shoes upon entry, where you’ll be asked to wear leather slippers while you wait. A single employee is there to help you with whatever you may need. Once triggered the shop’s windows cloud up and a giant brass ball suspended from the ceiling opens up, showcasing the store’s footwear. It’s important to note that you’ll be shown three styles, in three color ways ONLY. Styles are limited-edition and are served on a platter once you make your selection. Yes, like an actual serving dish!


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