4. She Can Cook
Gone are the days when women took it upon themselves to learn how to use elbow grease to fry up a farm animal what with guarantees of food being delivered in 30 minutes or less. So anytime you meet a woman who knows how to turn what’s in your fridge from lifeless to edible, applaud her, put an onion ring on her finger and pray to God she doesn’t realize she can do better than you. Word to the wise gents, this shouldn’t be the “be all end all” factor. If she’s got everything else on this list going on, but can’t cook consider her a keeper anyway.

5. Her Life Doesn’t Revolve Around Social Media
For every woman who’s constantly posting selfies, comments on all of her friend’s statuses, and has an update for every grain of sand in the hourglass in a 60 minute span, there’s one who uses social media for work, family and the occasional social interaction. The latter of the two is ideal especially if you’re celoso, homie. Because if you get jealous of the looks she gets in public, then prepare yourself for the “Likes” she gets on her pictures.

Image credit- istockphoto.com/Geni Corwin



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