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Latinas Repping In the Superhero Game

We are living in the golden era of comic books. It’s no secret that super hero based films, television shows, video games and what’s on the pulp itself are all the rage. Yet, a glaring black eye on the genre is...
Brazil Cover 2

Brasileiras We Love

Suffice it to say Brazil has had a rollercoaster of a year. With highs such as the Summer Olympics, to lows with the impeachment of its President. Yet, irrespective of these ups and downs it steadfastly celebra...
Colombian Flag Cover 2

12 Colombianas All Men Can Be Thankful For

She’s traditional. She’s warm and inviting, yet does not suffer fools. One of a kind – she’s a Colombiana!!! With Colombian Independence Day just around the corner, we chose to make our own declaration. To some...

Ecuador’s Sexy 6

May 24th marks the Republic of Ecuador's independence from Spain. Ecuador is home to some of the greatest natural wonders in the world. Among them are the Galapagos Islands, El Oriente’s Rainforest, Isla de la ...
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Paraguay’s Unforgettable Five

The nation of Paraguay will set aside the days of May 14th and 15th to celebrate their independence from Spain, which was won on May 14, 1811. While Paraguayans will fill the streets of the capital of Asunción ...
Paris, France - May 27, 2012: Close-up of the Instagram application start page on the screen of the iPhone 4s. Tilt shift lens used to accent Instagram logo and sublime toned filter applied for more natural effect.

The Most Crushworthy Latinas On Instagram

Ever been sooo tired in the morning, on the way to work perhaps, but the minute a pretty lady walks by, you perk right up? Well what if you could get that pick-me-up by hitting up your phone. Just jump on Instg...