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Topless Latina brunette with long curly hair

Assumptions About Latinas

You spot a Latina and think, “Damn! That woman is fine!” It’s an acute observation as many Latinas, no matter what specific culture, are naturally beautiful. Our skin tone comes in cafe, caramel, dark chocolate...

Why Women Love A Mustache

Men everywhere are flexing their hair power and letting it all grow out for the manly month of Movember. Well the verdict is in – the ladies love it! In your Latino household, its likely that family parties wer...
Robert DiNiero and Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents

Meeting the Parents

The first time I introduced a man to Mami, I flash backed to a scene from Meet the Parents. Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) was under attack by the strict and protective Jack Byrnes (Robert Dinero). Stiller’s charact...

The Latina Dictionary

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I would rather not use such a cliché to explain the complexities between the opposite sexes. Especially when you throw Latinos and Latinas into the mix; it r...

Finding Love On The ‘Pheromone’ Circuit

If you thought speed dating was a kooky way to meet your soul mate, wait until you test your nostrils at a pheromone party. One of the newest trends in matchmaking, pheromone fiestas hook up singles based on th...
Boquet of red roses

Valentine’s Day Gifts Decoded

Valentine's Day is only days away and most men haven't a clue what to get their amantes. If you watch carefully, you can see these confused hombres roaming the holiday aisle at Rite Aid, scratching their heads ...