December 7, 2021

Be Hungry for Knowledge

The old adage “you never stop learning” is true. For undocumented immigrants knowledge truly is power. In order to survive they, for example, must know where to go (and not to go) for social services, to worship or to enroll their children in school. Their quest and appetite for information is a necessity. It should be as vital a nutrient for us too.

Concept of training. Wooden bookshelf in form of man head. Science about human. Psychology. A human have more knowledge.

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About The Author

José is the Executive Director of GRIOT Circle, the only staffed non-profit organization in the country that provides social services to LGBTQ elders of color. José is a Certified Life and Empowerment Coach and a trained psychotherapist. As his writing angles are diverse, he often writes about personal development and growth. His most recent book, which he co-authored, The Happy Law Practice: Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind, can be found on Amazon. José holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from the University at Albany, an MA in Education and Human Development with a concentration in Community Counseling from The George Washington University, an Advanced Certificate in Executive Leadership and Non Profit Management from NYU and received his Certification as a Professional Life Coach from The Institute from Professional Excellence in Coaching.

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