September 27, 2022

Last night Tyson vs. Jones Jr. became a reality. The two boxing legends faced off in a glorified exhibition bout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  It was a wild night, that saw former NBA player Nate Robinson knocked out in dramatic fashion. Color commentary from the likes of Snoop Dog – his line “looks like my  two uncles fighting at the family barbecue” was priceless.  And sponsors such as WeedMaps!

One of the most appealing aspects of this bout was the curiosity factor – no one knew what to expect.  Ringside commentator Sugar Ray Leonard, summed it up best “I can’t call this one. Too many unknowns.” As it turns out, despite the carnival like atmosphere, the two hall of famers actually put on a good show.  

Jones Jr. showed flashes of the defensive genius and unorthodox offense that propelled him to be a champion in four divisions.  As for Tyson, he was the aggressor through much of the bout. Showing head movement, punching in combinations (a practice he abandoned in the later stages of his career) and clearly in good shape for a 54 year-old.  The latter all the more evident when looking at Jones Jr., who clearly was tiring in the later rounds.

After going the full eight rounds, the result on the unofficial celebrity judges scorecards was – A Draw. Although many watching and sharing on social media believe Tyson had the better night. Check out the highlights of Tyson vs. Jones Jr. here.

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