August 19, 2022

Disney released a slew of sizzle reels and trailers for upcoming Disney+ shows as part of its 2020 Investor Day.  A first look at the spinoff series Loki, being among them. 

The trailer answers questions and poses more. It opens with the time travel events of Avengers: Endgame. We get to see what happened to Loki once he got his hands back on the Tesseract. Apparently he teleported to the desert. What desert and why? One only knows.

Fans do know that the TVA will play a role in the series. The trailer makes that clear. For the uninitiated the TVA is the Time Variance Authority. An organization in the MCU  in charge of tracking all of the different realities within the universe. Also clear, Owen Wilson will be playing Mr. Morbius who has a role in the TVA. The trailer also provides some great Easter eggs which Marvel has pioneered. Peep the Black Widow and not so subtle segue to the next Thor installment – Thor Love and Thunder.

Loki will have a six episode run and debut on Disney+ in May of 2021. Until then see the first look trailer here.

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