November 29, 2021

Earlier today director Zack Snyder dropped a new trailer for his version of Justice League aka The Snyder Cut, on his Twitter and Vero accounts.  The trailer has been teased for some time. It’s similar to that which dropped at DC FanDome, however, does reveal new footage which seems to provide greater context to the initial version released by Joss Whedon in theaters back in 2017. The trailer premiered along with the caption “#UsUnited.” A nod to the line spoken by Bruce Wayne/Batman at the end. 

While the trailers may be similar, the Snyder Cut is set to be drastically different. This version of Justice League, it clocks in at four hours, is said to have new special effects, footage and will be broken into four episode mini-series and is set to reveal Darkseid as the primary villain. The blogosphere is also abuzz with rumors of other heroes and villain set to appear. From Martian Manhunter to Knightmare Joker. Guess will have to wait until its release – or the next trailer!

The Snyder Cut is set to premiere on HBO Max in 2021. Until then check out the latest here.

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