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Apply moisturizer in the morning after your shower to keep your epidermus hydrated which will result in softer and smoother skin. Look for one that’s oil-free. For added defense, double up and get one with sunscreen. If your skin tends to be dry, use a cream, if your skin is oilier, choose a lotion, says Dr. Gohara. The difference is that cream is generally richer and denser and more hydrating than lotions, which may be a good idea for summer when skin tends to feel extra dry, especially with being outdoors and in the water.

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Protect, Protect, Protect!

Slather on sunscreen daily especially if you’re outside working or simply hanging out at the beach. Not only will sunscreen help defend against cancer-causing rays, it will also help keep you looking good. “Sun protection is the main factor in maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance,” says Dr. Sanchez. “Most of the signs associated with aging – fine lines, wrinkles, age spots – occur prematurely from exposure to sun.” In fact, “90% of signs of premature aging come from the sun,” adds Dr. Gohara. Still, Latino men with darker skin sometimes think they can’t burn or are immune to hazards like skin cancer. However, even darker skin tones, are susceptible to sunburn. In fact, a University of Miami study on sun protection behaviors in white Hispanic students, found that they were less likely to use sunscreen than non-Hispanics. Plus, with the rate of sunlight-induced skin cancers in Latinos, protection is especially important.


Quench your thirst to beat the heat. While it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated, when the temperatures start rising, it’s especially important to chug some water (at least eight glasses a day, more when you exercise or are outside). No, alcohol doesn’t count, even if it’s on the rocks since it actually speeds up dehydration.

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Here Comes the Sun: Five Easy Ways to Defend Your Skin

  • Look for broad-spectrum products containing ingredients that protect you from both UVA, which deeply penetrate the skin, and UVB rays, the component that causes burning; choose one that offers a sun protection factor (SPF) or 30 or higher, says Dr. Gohara.
  • Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you’re exposed to the sun to let your skin soak it up well and create that protective shield that will block the sun’s rays.
  • Use a generous amount of product (an ounce or about a shot glass full) on all exposed areas – face, neck, hands, chest, legs, back, shoulder – anywhere where the sun does shine!
  • Reapply it after exercise, like when you’re playing outdoor sports or running around the beach and pool, and after swimming, even if the products is labeled “water proof.” Sunscreen is only effective for two hours at max, says Dr. Gohara.
  • Protect your eyes, lips and scalp! The lip skin is thin and subject to damage from sunlight, says Dr. Sanchez. The same goes for eyelids. Apply a lip balm with SPF 30 every two hours when outdoors and wear UV protective sunglasses, he suggests. If you’re sporting a buzzed look, cover up your head with a cap.
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