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Honestly the timing couldn’t be more spot on. With Episode VII being released in December 2015 the thirst for all things Luke, Leia and Han are at a fever pitch. “If you’re not excited for Star Wars right now, you must be living under a rock!” says Star Wars Editor Jordan D. White. “All anyone is talking about is that awesome teaser…and it’s still a whole year before the movie comes out! Fortunately, we’ve been working overtime to bring you all-new adventures of the original Star Wars gang to satisfy everyone’s hunger for space adventure! Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Mark Waid – these are some of the best writers in the comics industry, and they are sparing no expense to craft stories that live up to the classic series with the same feel and tone of the original. Combine them with the amazing artwork of John Cassaday, Salvador Larroca, and Terry Dodson – each one a serious Star Wars fan themselves – and trust me…these comics will be everything you could want from a Star Wars series.”

The latest Star Wars™ comic series is set to drop in comic shops and digital devices beginning in January 2015.

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