November 27, 2022

Does it work?

This question is often the first and last thing people ask about anything that can improve performance or heal aches and pains. However, this question is often hard to answer and you will find the positive responses are from anecdotal evidence and it’s tenuous at best. The case is no different when discussing magnetic apparel.

One hard research study used to support the efficacy of MT was a study done at Baylor University in 1997 that looked at the effects of MT on knee pain. Researchers found that when compared to a placebo, patients who underwent 45 minutes of contact time with a static magnet felt less pain. A multi-center study led by a doctor at New York Medical College looked at the use of magnetized insoles on foot and heel pain. The authors reported only moderate clinical improvement. Translation: we don’t really know if this stuff works.

So, why do so many athletes use MT bracelets and necklaces? Many are superstitious. When you make as much as they do, part of your everyday to-do list is to protect your investment, i.e. your body. Many take referrals from other athletes or coaches who swear by its effects. After that, it’s a ripple effect. Now you may be wondering if you should go out and buy one. Whether you believe it works or not, there’s no harm or foul from wearing them. So, if you decide to hit the pavement or internet highway, here are some places where you can start your search.

Where to Buy

Phiten USA

Phiten has the corner on the athletes MT market. They are bursting at the seams with pro-athletes endorsing their products including Justin Verlander, Josh Beckett and Matt Hasselback. They are by far the most popular maker of athletic magnetic apparel which ranges from necklaces and insoles to magnetic dots you can place on specific parts of the body. They use a technology called Aqua-Titanium which is supposed to be best suited for high energy exercise and sports.


This is a brand for those interested in some high end MT jewelry for outside the gym or off the field. This company also makes sports apparel, but they also specialize in stylish renditions of the magnetic craze. They also use Ti-22 titanium as the source of the magnetic charge. Take a look at the Magtitan Palette or the Magtitan Grange for two different yet wearable styles. If you are looking for a gift for your significant other or something nice for mom, take a peek at the Plantea and Fiora. Buyer beware, these are not inexpensive gifts.

Soho Five

If you want options, this site is the place for you. They feature jewelry made from different metals including titanium and hematite. They also feature an array of styles and colors. Prices start at $20 and climb all the way to $200.



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