Here is the scenario: you have one last set of — insert exercise here — you either:

      A. Look around to find “motivation” to psyche you up?
                    B. Say “Ahhh, I’ll skip it and hit it harder next time.”
                 C. Grab your iPod and blast your get-psyched-up song one last time?

If you chose


it’s time to find some new reasons to workout. If you chose


you punked out, maybe you should pack up your skirt and go home. For those of you that chose


Congratulations!! Pumping your favorite workout music may do more than drown out the constant yakking of your workout neighbors; it could get you to work harder and longer.

Various researchers have proven that the tunes you rock out to during your workouts can have a real effect on them. Among other things, one study out of Sao Paolo State University’s Physical Education Department found that exercising while listening to “non-preferred” music versus “preferred” music resulted in an increase in perceived exertion. In other words, if you are listening to the crummy music your gym might play, then you might be more likely to walk out on the last tough set. What’s the moral of the story? Change what you are listening to and you’ll likely be able to push through just one more set.

I asked around to see what different people were listening to while they were clanging iron, pedaling or trying to run to new height. I spoke to four guys and asked them what their playlists were for lifting and cardio sessions. Here is what they told me:

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