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How to Join

What Is It?

‘LLERO is the digital lifestyle and news platform that allows you to tell and share your stories through long and short form articles and photo essays. If you have an idea for a story about a subject or topic that readers did not know or appreciate, then we are looking for you to contribute to the conversation by telling your story.

What Do I Get?

Experience & Exposure
Becoming a contributor is a great way to enhance your resume and get meaningful experience creating content for an online publication that garners over 55,000 visitors per month and growing!!!

Portfolio Pieces

Beside the resume enhancement, you’ll be able to add pieces to your portfolio, always helps to have something tangible to show beyond the resume blurb!!

Access to A Network

Once you become a contributor your footprint will grow. Ever search for a source in California, but your stuck in New York, or encounter that publicist that just won’t return your calls? Join us and you’ll connect to our rich network of local contributors across the country and media pro’s we work with on a daily basis. Plus, if your submissions hit off, the national stage awaits!

What’s Required?

We’d like two stories a month, but more is always welcome. Promotion – You have to promote. These days everyone has at least one social media account. Want folks to know what your up to? Then you’ll need to promote your piece on your social media accounts. It’s only fair, because we will.

When are the deadlines?

Your first article is due within 10 business days of approval. Although extensions are possible.

Is it okay that I’ve never written for a publication before?

Sure. There’s a first time for everything. Remember, were about helping you get ahead too!! Plus we love discovering new talent.

What would I write about?

Local contributors can write for any of the sections that are a part of the site. Basically, we want you to cover things that are relevant to where and how you live, wherever that may be. For better idea of what type of stories and guidelines for content, just check out our Content and Style Guidelines here.

Do I need my story ideas approved?

Before writing a story, you’ll email us to get your story idea approved. Once it gets the OK, we will notify you and set a deadline for submission. Also, we have a few content guidelines about submitting content that you should read and comply with.

Where do I send the stories?

All our content is uploaded onto WordPress before publishing. All contributors are given WordPress accounts, so you can log-in and upload stories or photos on your own. Then we’ll take a look, make edits and presto – publish.


Yes, please!! All of our articles have awesome photography, so it’s a plus if you have a camera and can take your own photos. If you don’t have a camera and can’t borrow one from a friend, we’ll figure out a way to get photos for your articles.

How do I upload content?

Once given an account, will send you handy tutorial which teaches you how to upload articles, images or video.

Sweet! How do I apply?

Submit the following to contributor@llero.com

  • Your resume, please.
  • Write catchy headlines (that you would actually want to click on) for 3 mock stories.
  • A brief note about how you heard about ‘LLERO and why you want to contribute.
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