‘LLERO’s you’ve been there before. You’re out with the boys and one of the crew forgets his license. Or maybe you got lucky and are ready to take that nena from the club to a hotel — but cash flow is an issue. Here’s a heads up on some basics that you shouldn’t leave home without before a man’s night out!!

1. Condoms
We cannot emphasize the importance of this one. No, you’re not being overly confident, you’re just being properly prepared. If you’re going to the club to make it rain with hopes of getting women wet, then have that raincoat in your back pocket. And for God’s sake buy brand name jimmy hats. If you’re walking around with those free NYC issued condoms that have the subway line colors on the wrapper, that’s a clear sign that you’ve given up on life.

2. Cash
Always carry the green-backs whenever you walk out that door (that goes double for you Arizona residents, tu sabes?). We may live in a digital age, but nothing is more universally accepted than cold hard cash… and sex. But avoid paying with the latter of the two and carry around some dead presidents. You ever try to buy some tamales from a street vendor using a debit card? They laugh in your face while you starve!

3. A Credit Card That Isn’t Over The Limit
Whatever you do you need to have an “emergency” credit card that won’t get rejected when used. We don’t mean a credit card that’s $10 away from topping the limit, we’re talking about a credit card that still hasn’t even had the activation sticker peeled off yet.

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