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Short Circuit Boring Workouts

First treadmill… then crunches…some curls and hit the showers. Sound all-too familiar? What about this? You get to the gym ready to run marathons and move mountains, but instead you end up tinkering around doin...

Orthokine Therapy 101

When your body is your punch card at work, you can't afford to be sidelined due to injury. Just ask Stephen Curry, the NBA MVP was recently side-lined with a knee sprain, to get back onto the hardwood ASAP,...

Jump Rope Basics

To commemorate Men’s Health Month 2014, ‘LLERO presents a three-part series commenting on Mind, Body & Soul. In this second installment we look at a simple yet effective way to improve overall cardio health...

Tough Mudder – Exercise in Survival

It's a cold, damp and gray day in November on the infield of Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. A horde of icy, dirty, mud-caked individuals are finishing up the last obstacle of some medieval times inspi...

The “New” 300 Workout

Every hit film deserves a sequel, no? When the first 300 film hit theatres it was a hit and it brought us the 300 Workout because audiences were also clamoring to know how the actors got so freakin’ diesel. ...

La Vuelta

As the bitter cold sweeps the nation, getting in those workouts can be a challenge. Imagine a scenario where during the cold of winter you could raise your fitness to the next level, work on your tan and take i...
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