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The Bone Broth Trend: Taking Stock of the Latest Liquid Craze

From Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to Salma Hayek and Hollywood’s leading ladies, to commercial soup giants, everyone seems to be jumping on the bone broth bandwagon. But there’s nothing new about it. Abuelita has been brewing it for centuries. “Bone broth repres...

Cyclo X – The Best Outdoor Workout Your Not Trying

If trudging on a treadmill at the gym to get your cardio in has you feeling about as motivated as a mouse on a training wheel, maybe you need to join the tens of thousands of guys who have decided to grab a bike and get in the mud with Cyclo X – a workout that...

How One Son Overcame His Father’s Death

As part of Men's Health Week 2015 one man shares his story of how heart disease forever changed his life. Forcing him to fill his fathers shoes and inspiring him to lead a healthier life for the benefit of his own son. It was a Wednesday, my father, mothe...

The Fight of His Life – Beating Testicular Cancer

As part of Men's Health Week 2015 we take a look back at a man who faced life threatening adversity head on, never stopped fighting and finished with his hand raised at the end of a long fight with testicular cancer The Discovery I had only just turned 3...

Men’s Health Week 2015

They say the best things in life are free, but making sure you stick around long enough to enjoy them is pretty important too. Let’s face it, as men we have no problem catching a game of pick-up ball, trying the latest work out craze or looking for the su...

Is There A Pill To Make You Limitless?

M 46 Bradley Cooper (center) stars in Relativity Media's LIMITLESS. Entrepreneurs are always looking for a competitive edge. The latest phenomenon? “Smart drugs,” or nootropics, which some claim gives them unlimited energy, razor-sharp focus and increased ...

Nike Drops Summer 2015 F.C. Collection

With summer now upon us Nike is dropping their new 2015 Nike F.C. sport style collection. The collection is inspired by the many football legends – past and present – who appeared in the 2000 Nike Football advertisement, “The Mission.” The campaign featured an...

Jump Rope Basics

To commemorate Men’s Health Month 2014, ‘LLERO presents a three-part series commenting on Mind, Body & Soul. In this second installment we look at a simple yet effective way to improve overall cardio health – the jump rope? Some of you may remember the ol...
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