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Cross Country Trail Runner on a Desert Landscape

Latin America’s Most Amazing Races

Given that it is Global Running Day, we thought it a great time to look at some of the most amazing races on the planet. Many of which, coincidentally can be found in Latino America. For all those marathoners, triathaloners or simply lovers of the greatest sce...
Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.42.21 PM

Orthokine Therapy 101

When your body is your punch card at work, you can't afford to be sidelined due to injury. Just ask Stephen Curry, the NBA MVP was recently side-lined with a knee sprain, to get back onto the hardwood ASAP, he recently underwent an under-the radar procedur...
Late Night Eats2

Hacks for the Late Night Munchies

We’ve all done it. You down a few rounds of drinks (or more) and before you know it, the delivery guy is at your door with your large meat lover’s pizza or your headed straight to Greys Papaya. Guilty. While sober, you may not be so quick to give into those ...
Wooden dummy, mannequin or man figurine exercising - doing a plank, press-up, push-up on blue background.

Fitness to the Core

An object is let out onto a larger body of water. What happens? A ripple effect. These ‘waves’ of water widen as they fan out from the center. The larger the object, the larger the ripple effect but it all begins in the center. The center is where action begin...
CrossFit Training Push Ups

What You Need to Know About The CrossFit Craze

It seems as if every year there is a new fitness regime which we'd be foolish to live without. Gyms and sports clubs around the globe start creating programs, selling gear and touting the health benefits of the latest craze. Recently it seems as if it's CrossF...
Nerdy gym guy flexing muscle- A

5 Types to Avoid at the Gym

With the new year officially here, droves will hit the gym to work on those health related resolutions. With the daily grind many men endure, just the act of getting to the gym can be a challenge. So when you do arrive there the last thing you want is someone ...

Don’t Fear the Rear: Demystifying the Prostate Exam

While the sun may be setting on Movember 2015 there’s one last important thing we need to discuss: the need to actually go in for regular physical check up's on a regular basis. Yes, even and especially, a prostate exam. We get it—seeing a doctor is not anyo...
mo graphic 2015

Why Movember Matters

As the leaves turn colors and begin to fall you know that the fall season is almost over. You might have also noticed that around this time of year a few of your friends suddenly get scruffier. Well it’s not you. That’s just a sign that Movember is here. That ...
Freshly cooked beef soup in large pot

The Bone Broth Trend: Taking Stock of the Latest Liquid Craze

From Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to Salma Hayek and Hollywood’s leading ladies, to commercial soup giants, everyone seems to be jumping on the bone broth bandwagon. But there’s nothing new about it. Abuelita has been brewing it for centuries. “Bone broth repres...