Episode five of Mayans M.C. opens with EZ heading straight to see Emily after news of her getting hurt at the festival breaks. He arranges to see Emily on the sly with an assist from a cop friend Franky Rogan who warns him that Galindo’s men are all over the place. Emily who is receptive to EZ, but not necessarily honest and she is pissed because in her mind Los Olvidados are murderers. EZ makes his way out but not before being spotted by one of Galindo’s men…. yeah that’s going to be a problem. On the other side of town another Reyes brother – Angel – isn’t off to good day either. He finds one hell of a calling card in the form of severed head on his couch. Looks like Neo Nazi guy Cole has paid him a visit and so, begins “Uch/Opossum”.

Gentlemen’s Agreements

Angel and Cole get down to brass tax on the visit. Cole has services to offer. Moving weight for the club. They have surprisingly civil discussion and a gentleman’s’ agreement is struck. But Cole makes it clear to Angel – he and his people “are unf*&kble”. Message received.

Back in cartel land, Miguel Galindo huddles up with his consiglieri Devante and gets down to brass tax as well…Miguel realizes Emily will figure out he was behind the fiasco at Santé Madre and not the rebels. Ohh…and his man that spied EZ gives him an update on his sighting with Emily. No sooner said than done Galindo summons EZ. They too have surprisingly civil exchange with some Latin and Godfather references thrown in for good measure, but make no mistake Galindo makes the message clear – stay away from my wife – or the next meet up won’t be a chat. Have a nice day EZ! Angel and EZ have gotten some pretty strong mensajes and the day aint’ half over. They finally meet up and EZ downloads what went down. Angel counsels his brother to stay the course.

The Resistance

Over at the clubhouse, Angel, Coco and Gilly discuss the Fiesta and the church. Coco’s learned Adelita’s telling the town Galindo was behind it. Angel passes along the news Cole wants to buy the heroin. He describes Cole as part of a group of ex-military mercenaries who have contacts everywhere. The rebels need the cash, so a deal has to be made. Cole also wants Angel to provide passage into the country via the tunnel for an Afghanistan interpreter who’s on the no-fly list.

Adelita and Los Olvidados are now playing defense. As the latest cartel move at Santé Madre has them on their heels. Angel and EZ aren’t faring any better. On a run to pick-up the interpreter they encounter some rogue Mexican State Police who shake them down for the pick-up – the commander of the state police wants $100K for the interpreter. Angel understandably freaks out to which the commander tells him yes, he wants $100K “you rude brown Yankee.” He appoints EZ as the one that has to deliver, should he fail the translator, his pregnant wife and Angel will be killed. No pressure right?

EZ is on it and recruits the younger set of the MC, but the old heads are getting wise. Meanwhile Los Olvidados don’t necessarily want to chip in and help EZ rescue Angel. But after much prodding by EZ, Adelita relents.

Mission Possible

EZ gets back to Mexico with Adelita and Bobby in tow. Rather than the $100K in cash they bring the equivalent in heroine. After checking the product, the commander agrees to let them go. Not without trying to keep Adelita. They show Adelita her photo on the computer, identifying her as the rebel leader. There’s a reward and the cops want to collect on that by turning her over. But she’s got peeps everywhere and her troops take them all out with a quickness. Looks like Adelita is the real gangster up here.

Back at the Ranch

Angel reconciles with Cole by dropping off the translator. Which is much appreciated, and a promise is made to make good for product lost. “Treat us good, will treat you better. Treat us bad, will treat you worse.” The strong AF messages keep coming for the Reyes brothers this episode.

Emily makes her own surprise visit to EZ at the club – turnabout is fair play – but damn girl you putting’ EZ in some serious jeopardy. Emily drops a huge confession on EZ which leads to EZ wanting to spill some of his own secrets, not before Angel squashes that.

Upon her return home, Emily has a confrontation with Miguel who demands to know if she was with EZ. He lets Emily know to stay away from EZ. An argument ensues, and Miguel blames her for the abduction of their son, while Emily gives as good as she gets and dares him – go ahead lay hands on me the way your daddy did to your mommy – whaaaatt!!! So many sparks flying you knew the anger was bound to lead to lust and some hate sex ensues – big time!

Until next week folks!

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